ASHA works with a wide range of media outlets—TV, radio, print media, and popular web outlets—as a sought after commentator on news and trends in popular culture that touch on sexual health issues, promoting positive coverage that destigmatizes the subject. Below are examples of recent media coverage where ASHA has contributed expert opinion and commentary.

Saying Yes to Sex? Then Say Yes to the Test!

Comedian Whitney Cummings talks about getting tested for STDS, smashing sexual health stigmas, and partnering with ASHA

This Smoothie Truck has an Important Message about Sexual Health

If You Ever Plan to Have Sex, Use This Guide to Get Tested For Free

New Campaign Looks To End Stigma Around STD Testing

Hispanics Are Twice as Likely to Get this STD

Yes Means Test Initiative Seeks to Improve Black Health

Saying “Yes” To Sex Should Also Mean Saying “Yes” To STD Testing


Seniors and Sexual Health: What Older Adults Should Know

Even Charlie Sheen Can’t Beat The HIV Stigma


Everything You Think You Know About Herpes is Wrong

Mouse Study Hints at New Male Contraceptive

Two Out of Three Under 50 Have Oral Herpes Virus
McClatchey Syndicates

Sex Ed is Failing LGBTQ Students – But it Doesn’t Have To

Bay Area Reporter

How To Talk To Your Partner About STIs And STDs, Because It’s A Conversation Everyone Needs To Have


The Back-to-School Checklist for Safe Sex Every Student Needs

STD Rates in NYC Rose Dramatically After Funding For Free Clinics Was Cut, Plus 5 Myths About Sexual Health That Are So Wrong

7 Problems With The State Of Sex Ed In America Today, And How We Can Make It Better

Doctor-Patient Talks About Sex
The New York Times (online and print)

Should Sex Ed Be Mandatory?
The Daily Beast


What teens have to know about sex

FDA Approved Flibanserin
Headlines & Global News

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